2019 New Years Resolutions: New Years day, A Day To Reflect and Resolve

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Happy New year’s everyone! It is that time of the year, the year where everyone makes resolutions, and tries to be a better person, it is also the time when rent is due, and responsibilities start to crawl back on us. And while many people may advise you to forget those problems and put adulting to the side at least for today, I am going to advise the contrary. Today, think of your responsibilities, problems, personal growth, what you want to do, how you want to do it, finances and anything else that involves adulting. Today is the day to grab a cup of coffee, reflect and write. What do you want to do different? What is something new you didn’t do last year that you want to do this year? How will you be a better sister, daughter, wife, husband, brother etc. ?

So I will get started. I am a busy 23 year old. I am a sister, daughter, I am working on my masters and possibly doctorate, I am taking the Medical Admissions Test in 23 days, and I am a clinical research scientist. I got a lot on my plate but fortunately enough, I like my plate, but regardless there are some things I would want to change or add. Here are my the 11 things I want to change or add this year:

1. Train for my first spartan race

2. Investigate how to open a non-profit

3. Control my emotions better

4. Plan a family vacation outside of the state

5. Apply to be a Ted Fellow

6. Investigate on changing my MPH to a PhD or DPH

7. Get back in the OR or clinical setting

8. Attend at least 5 conferences this year with one being out of state and present in at least 3

9. Get back to writing 1 article a month

10. Be a published author

11. Take my mcat and reapply to med school

Now, it’s your turn. What are you going to do different this year?

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Contributor writer for Medium and former contributor writer for HuffPost. I focus on disparities in education and medicine. #Latina #Hispana #Medicine

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