Cohen Testimony: Are Republicans describing Cohen, or Trump?

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Yesterday we heard more than 8 hours worth of testimony and questions from Republicans and Democrats towards Cohen during his testimony. We saw emotions ranging from empathy to rage, but most commonly we saw the rage, specifically from the Republicans. Early in the testimony we saw Congressman Jordan call Cohen a liar, shameful and insinuate that Cohen was deceiving the American people. Congressman Jordan and various other Republicans claimed that the people in the U.S are tired of hearing lies after lies, and that they want honesty. If you were like me, you stared at your screen perplexed and wondered whether Republicans were talking of Cohen, or Trump.

Since Trump has taken office, it is estimated that he has said, or tweeted, approximately 9000 lies to this date. Alongside that he has ridiculed various races from Hispanics, claiming they are all criminals, to saying people with disabilities are dumb, to ridiculing African Americans. He has excessively gloated about himself, claiming he is the best everything, the best president ever, the best husband, the best businessman, the best of it all, despite data saying the contrary. Regardless of this evidence, Republicans heavily insisted that Trump is not the bad guy, it is Cohen.

Republicans argued that Cohen was untrustworthy. Cohen initially lied to congress but later admitted his false statements and now he has been sentenced to 3 years in federal prison, that is set to start this May. Trump initially claimed he did not pay Cohen to pay Stephanie Clifford, better known as Stormy Daniels, to keep her quiet of the affair. Later Trump shared he did pay Cohen the money Cohen claimed but that is wasn’t for that purpose. Other occasions of lies by Trump non-related to Cohen include lies regarding the U.S economy, climate change and the most popular lie claimed by Trump was that Mexico was paying for the border wall which Mexico has vehemently denied and shared that they will not and have not contributed to that border wall that caused a national emergency.

Republicans argued that Trump is not a racist, as Cohen claimed in his opening statement. Republican Representative Meadows went as far as bringing an African American woman on the stage who agreed that Trump did in fact like African Americans. As a female and Hispanic, this was an insult. Since Trump started his Campaign he has continuously insulted African Americans, Latinos, Women, American Indians, and people with disabilities. The evidence that he dislikes certain races is clear and the majority.

Yesterday Republicans had one tool to try and show to the American people that Cohen was untrustworthy, and that Trump was the best of the best, as Trump himself claims, that tool was Cohen’s charges that have caused him to go to prison. That wasn’t a tool though, this was something that the American people already know. That Cohen lied to Congress and is going to prison, that is nothing new. As for Trump, they had nothing, it was evidence against words. If you are still confused and still staring at your screen like me, and wondering whether Republicans were talking of Trump or Cohen, I will give you one piece of advice, don’t pay attention to the words, pay attention to the to evidence, something Republicans didn’t have or do yesterday, and decide for yourself.

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