I Am an Immigrant, I Am a Minority, I Am a Female, and Today We Won.

I was sitting in my balcony studying for my finals when I get a message on my phone: Biden has won the presidential election. All these emotions came to me, and I started to recall the past four years. I recalled the first racist remarks I got at Walmart the first week Donald Trump won four years ago because I was speaking Spanish. I recalled being told by strangers to go back to my country because I was speaking Spanish. I recalled simply last week, being told I wasn’t able to do something just because of my race. I recalled the days sitting in meetings and in class and loosing my voice and respect as the days went by. I recall how in the past 4 years I was losing my sense of belonging in the U.S, a nation made up of immigrants.

Today though, I am reminded that I do belong in the U.S.

For immigrants and females today, we won. We won representation in the White House with the first ever female Vice President. We won the opportunity to gain back our respect. We won the opportunity to use our voice again and be heard. Today my future Mexican-Indian daughter won. She won representation and hope with the ability to see a female vice president and know she can do anything she sets her mind too.

And, while this win won’t fix everything, Today, for immigrants, females and minorities, we won back the opportunity to gain our sense of belonging back in the U.S.



Maria Rebello-Valdez, MPH

Contributor writer for Medium and former contributor writer for HuffPost. I focus on disparities in education and medicine. #Latina #Hispana #Medicine