The Bomb Frenzy: Trump’s Words in Action

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This week several bombs and suspicious packages have been found in several facilities and houses of Democratic political figures like the Obama’s, Clinton, Soros, and now CNN NY has evacuated due to a suspicious package that arrived that was confirmed to be a bomb. Trump has not received any suspicious package and has not yet commented on this matter . The cause, and person, or people, behind this act is now yet known.

Throughout these past 2 years of Trump’s Term we have heard Trump, and seen him extensively tweet, along with other political figures, throw negative words towards democrats and sharing that democrats have done nothing for the U.S, with the most recent comment from Trump stating democrats are globalist not nationalist, and that they don’t care about the U.S, only he and other Republicans do. Trump has also commented extensively on news stations, especially CNN stating that what CNN airs is fake news, and that only he has the correct news. Trump has also commented on people with disabilities, by making fun of them, he has also shared derogatory statements of blacks and Hispanics and we have seen his words come into action. Simple these past weeks we have seen a woman call the police after a black man tries to enter his apartment, and another call the police while a black man was watching his son play soccer. Both woman claiming they felt unsafe. We just saw this week a man grope a woman and say it was okay because Trump did it and said it was okay. While this bomb frenzy isn’t the first time we are seeing Trump’s words into action, this is the most extreme case, yet.

The matter of fact, words are being translated into action, in this case groping women, racial segregation with people calling the police simply for black men being outside in the park watching their son play soccer or going into their apartment, and now sending bombs to facilities that Trump share are fake, or politician Trump shared are globalist and not nationalist. Let’s not forget, elections are starting and coming. We are seeing a product from Trump’s rallies and tweets, and if we want this to stop we need change from Trump if not, we are going to see more than bombs being sent and woman being groped.

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