To My Future Husband From Your Future Wife: The Mother, The Surgeon and The Researcher.

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It’s 2am, I am on call. 3 patients have arrived back to back to the trauma bay. There was a neighborhood shooting. First patient, 22-year-old male GSW to chest, second patient 34 year old GSW to head, and lastly 11 year old patient self-inflicted GSW to the chest. I take the 11 year old patient to the OR, and after several hours of tending to the wound from the bullet to his heart, we suture, close, and send him to the PICU. It is now 7am, my shift is over, but I stay to finish notes. As I arrive home at 8am I remember I have to get Victoria, our 3 year old daughter, ready for preschool, as I enter the house I see you are changing her and giving her breakfast before you head to work. I take advantage of this time to go to take a shower after a bloody day, literally. As I get out, I see you made me some breakfast, I eat and we both take her to school. We arrive home, you go to work and I stay at home to finish notes, get a quick nap in and get ready for my research meetings. Time flies, I see the clock, it is 2pm, time to go pick up Victoria. You are at work, I go pick Victoria and talk to her teacher. Victoria had a great day, and came out smiling more than ever. I go home, see the clock, it’s almost 3, I have a meeting at 4. You won’t be out till late, so I take Victoria to my meetings. I grab her backpack, put in a lunch, and toys and we leave. After 2 hours of meetings and more of research, Victoria and I get home, it’s 6pm, I haven’t made dinner and probably won’t because I am too tired and have to get Victoria ready for bed. I walk in and see dinner ready, you arrived home at 5pm and made Victoria and I dinner. We eat, laugh, talk about our crazy day, get Victoria ready for bed and we all go to sleep to get ready for our next crazy day.

To my future husband, thank you. Thank you for not only being my husband but being an amazing father to our daughter and showing her that a relationship consists of team work and being there when the other is falling. Thank you for not demanding things from me like dinner to be ready, laundry, etc but instead doing it when I can’t. Thank you for being my best friend and hearing me when the day starts to weigh heavy after a long day in the hospital. Thank you for never discouraging me during my career but instead reminding me that I can, and that when it gets too much you will be there. Thank you for reminding me that parenting is not just done by one partner, instead it’s done by both the mother and father. Most importantly thank you for showing our daughter that she can do anything she wants, whether it is be a surgeon like her mother, or a lawyer, or whatever she wants to be. Thank you for showing her she never has to settle, and that her dad will always be there.


Your future wife, the surgeon, researcher and mother.

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Contributor writer for Medium and former contributor writer for HuffPost. I focus on disparities in education and medicine. #Latina #Hispana #Medicine

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